Ideally, a child should start riding a balance bike from the age of 2. However, we participate in events (sports days, family festivals, professional fairs) where we see many clever children riding the FirstBIKE at 22 months old (with the optional LowKit™ lowering kit). The earlier you start familiarizing your child with a bike, the better. Young children learn very quickly on their own (from our experience, it can take just a few hours). However, there are also children who are less inclined to move and may not be interested in a balance bike at the age of two. Do not force them to ride it, but show them the FirstBIKE again after two or three months. Children older than 4 years who start riding balance bikes take longer to learn, and they often have trouble maintaining balance. This often happens because they have developed inappropriate habits when riding bikes with additional wheels mounted on the sides, which hinder their progress.

With the LowKit™ height adjustment feature, children can start riding the FirstBIKE from a height of 82cm. However, this also depends on the length of their legs. When riding a balance bike, the knees should be slightly bent, and the feet should be fully resting on the ground. The lowest seat position on the FirstBIKE is only 30.50 cm, making it one of the lowest balance bikes on the market.

 It depends on your child’s height and leg length. We recommend measuring the length from the crotch to the inner arch of the foot. If it is less than 36 cm, your child will need the LowKit™ lowering kit. In most cases, if your child’s height is already 94 cm or more, this accessory will no longer be necessary. To ride a balance bike safely, it is important that your child can touch the ground with both feet, not just their toes. Approximately 90% of 2-year-old children require the height-lowering accessory, LowKit™.

If the chosen FirstBIKE model is in stock, you will typically receive it within 2 business days from the confirmation of your order via email and payment.

All FirstBIKE model bicycles come with brakes, high-quality inflatable tires, and weigh the same (FirstBIKE is one of the lightest balance bikes on the market). Therefore, the bikes only differ in color and tire type!

The STREET model balance bike features inflatable tires that are perfectly suitable for urban asphalt areas.

The CROSS model balance bike features large treaded inflatable tires, ideal for non-paved, uneven terrains, and off-road conditions.

The LIMITED model balance bike features universal inflatable tires (manufactured by the renowned Schwalbe Big Apple brand), suitable for both paved and uneven terrains.

The FAT model balance bike features wider inflatable tires, suitable for extremely uneven surfaces such as gravel, sand, and even snow.

The tires are made of high-quality materials, but the inner tube can be more prone to punctures. You can purchase an inner tube for the bike almost anywhere that sells bicycle tires (the standard size is 12 inches).

Quick assembly

The FirstBIKE balance bike is delivered practically assembled in the factory packaging. You just need to attach the front fork and inflate the tires. The assembly of the bike will take less than 10 minutes!

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