Comfortable, maneuverable, and extremely lightweight (only 3.9kg with brakes!) Especially safe: no sharp edges, limited turning angle Flexible and unbreakable frame (made of composite materials) Equipped with a hand brake and a drum rear brake mechanism called “Safety Stop” Resistant to moisture, allowing year-round riding!

The seat height is adjustable by turning a knob, no additional tools required Seat height range: 30.50-44.50cm (with the additional height reduction accessory, Lowkit; active link to the product). Without the reduction accessory: 34.50-44.50cm. IMPORTANT: If the child’s height is between 88-93cm, this accessory is necessary to achieve the required height. Maximum weight limit: 35kg. Sleek and modern design that will not go unnoticed! Enjoy winter fun with FirstBIKE by choosing the FirstBIKE slides accessory (active link to the product). You won’t find another bike that has won as many awards worldwide as FirstBike. Unlimited warranty for the frame and fork, 5-month warranty for other parts.